The Dawn of a New Era

Stayed up early this morning to watch the GE2011 results. Mixed feelings. Its sad to say goodbye to the ministers who have served my area for more than 1o plus years. It is through no fault of him that he lost. Blame it on the system. He did well, fought very hard and has accepted the choices the people made. Thank you and your team.

On the other hand, I’m excited to see what the new team can bring us. I hope they don’t disappoint us. Don’t give us empty promises. Action speaks louder than words.

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Your Birthday

Its your birthday today.

I wished you on MSN this morning.

You totally ignored me.

Why have we become like this?

My heart stopped.

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Today in Pictures

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Stuff to accompany on lonely weekends ….

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Relieve Stress

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I was reading last night 晚报 and read that two famous stars have been arrested for taking drugs. There are already many reports recently that Taiwanese artists took drugs either for stress relieve or just for the fun of it. And it makes me wonder why these artists do drugs? I can understand the stress they have to go through in the entertainment industry but surely there are many ways to relieve stress.

I have been rather 烦 lately. Alot of things on my mind. Alot of things I couldn’t understand. Alot of things I over analysed. All these caused many sleepless nights. My body was tired but my mind was super active, keep thinking, keep analysing. I have to take on flu pills to make myself drowsy and force my mind to rest. I didn’t want to do it this way, to keep my stress away, but I have no other ways to help me out. I know it is not right to do so. So I have been careful not to over rely on it. I no longer need the flu pills on many nights already. And I hope to keep it this way.

Lord, I know you will watch over me.

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I have forgotten how to blog.

I missed my blog.

One year on and I’m still running in circles.

When will I come out from the circle?

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iPhone Cake

May 19, 2010 1 comment

My birthday is around the corner … can I have this please? 😛

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